Character name reasons

Joel Robert Kaiser?

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No idea where the Kaiser came from :face_with_monocle:

Project Sylpheed is a 3D space shooting released from square enix in 2006.
The game features themselves and graphics were pretty cool but plot is typical and obsolete.

The main character : Katana Faraway is obviously named from Japanese traditional sword ( 刀 : Katana ).
( Just FYI, in Japanese edition, Faraway had been pronounced as “Falǝwei: | ファラウェイ” which is faraway from the original pronounce of faraway, so that I never notice that it’s a transcription of “faraway” for a long time. )
He’s talented but a immature teenager apprentice pilot in the Terra Central Armed Forces, which governs entire area of humans.
And there is his rival Margras Mason in the Adan Allied Forces, which is a separatist groups. He’s a promising young squad leader.
Katana didn’t know that Margras joined the ADAN Forces, thereby get shocked encountering Margras in the battlefield.
Katana has no choice but to fight with his squad in the conflict. As they keep fighting the war, Katana happens to know the background of Margras motivation and then …
That’s the main plot.

Anyway, I downloaded the game in early 2016 and started to create the first character. Major space opera featured character names were already unavailable ( ex. James T Kirk, Reinhard von Lohengramm, John 117 etc, etc … )
Soon Project Sylpheed and Katana came to my mind. However I didn’t want to just import his name as it is.
Thereby having had an idea to merge Katana and Margrus names.
So that was a biggest mistake I’ve ever made in the game.

At that time I hadn’t thought I’d play this game so long. That’s why I didn’t take it seriously and didn’t to google their spellings.
I never met a guy named either Mason or Faraway in my real life so far. And I didn’t know how to spell them. I just thought Mason would be spelled as Masen.

In the end, Katana Masen emerged on the NEW EDEN as a result of ignorance and laziness.

I didn’t notice it’s spelled in a wrong way for years as people rarely call characters full names. The first time I knew it’s wrong is a WTM Incursion fleet. FC called my full name in a pronounce of Mɑːsen. I didn’t realize it’s my name for a while and eventually noticed it’s mine after my ships got sunk.

Now I accept the reality that it’s not Mason though, still require Japanese players to pronounce my name as Mason instead of Masen.


Very interesting. Thank you all for participating.


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Not new at all, so no ISK please.

My original character is named “La Tygre”. They still exist, but it appears whoever adopted them gave up the game a long time ago.

I served aboard US Navy submarines for many years, and that is a community that has a tendency to eat their own.

One officer (a full-bird Lieutenant) was seen on their way to the head wearing tiger-stripe briefs…and little else. This immediately immortalized them in the minds of the crew as “Lieutenant La Tygre” (pronounce Lah Tee-Grah).

15 years later, their bold fashion choice is still remembered by we few.


How thoughtful, thank you! :blush:

PS: That many? You shouldn’t have. Now I feel like I won 1st. place.
Thank you again!

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You’re welcome…but the isk value of what you got is roughly equivalent to the prize level. I hope you like the stuff…but it’s not all that expensive / rare.

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Thank you! What a lovely surprise for me when I glanced at my Eve Portal just now. It is very generous of you.

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Thank you! That is very generous of you :slight_smile: It was a most unexpected surprise on an otherwise fairly ordinary day.

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To be honest even if no prizes involved anymore if people feel like it I guess this thread could still be used to share character name origin stories.

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Good idea.

Me I’m just a humble passenger on the trip around the EvE Happy House™

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I thought so but I love them so much that to me it’s all worth a billion.

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like a few of us tried to deduce in her thread about being banned, she may have had another post that did violate the rules, and none of us would know about it.

Oh well. Trying to guess what’s going on in these forum is like trying predict the weather on Mars. Not going to speculate.
It’s sad tho, she seemed like an interesting person. Maybe I’ll reach her in game.

Wait wait ! I’m not off topic: I like the name she chose based on a famous author, I think it’s neat.

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Consider it being breath taking…

Yeah, I also like the idea of a Name thread, and if there’s a new (x-mas?) lottery, I’m happy to contribute some ISK, too.

As far as my name, it was just a RNG in game 10 years ago, and I also liked how my first name is actually my initials as well. So typically i’ll just go by Geo

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