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(Mitara Newelle) #1

When you click on a character to get their profile the signature does not fully show.


This is CLEARLY a bias against Amarr. The lesser beings of the cluster of course have no need of much space but this is super-duper important stuff for the best empire in the game. So insulting too… “Admiral of…” Geesh.


(Ascentior) #2

Well, what ARE you the Admiral of? Looking the wrong direction in your photos?

(Mitara Newelle) #3

You’re new so I’ll forgive you for missing that in the PIE Admiralty Handbook Vol 325, Chapter 26, Verses 103-105 states -

“And thou shalt make thy visage known as you are an example to the World.”
“The masculine shall look to thine left to seek the guidance of the Lord.”
“Therein to the masculine’s left shall be the feminine, and she shall look right, as she shall always be.”

(Nico Boru) #4

Step away from the eve fiction for a while…

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