Study to if your eve char has your irl gender

Study to the topic do people use the opposite sex for theyr main charn in eve online.
(Biological gender not any weird long sex something giraffohpil thingy)
Smol worning:

for some reason the site will show me following:
Your ip
The country your in
The resolution of your monitor
what device you used
what browser u used
and how long you where on the site…

ONLY fill out the form if your ok with that…
I will not sell your data anywhere btw

The results will be published in 2 days in a new seperate post wich will be linked here

Sounds legit


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" if your eve char has your irl gender"


*i ment main char

Yes i tricked you i know know where you live and will sell you on evemarket for 1000 plex

Have 20 characters and kept the genders around 50:50 split overall, some accounts 2x male 1x female others the opposite.

for main chars…
Please fill out the form if you want will be easier for me gathering the resuls

Too lazy and that disclaimer is quite discouraging as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


i understand i personaly woudnt click on a survey with that disclaimer

Unfortunately I can no longer see past my stomach to check my rl gender.


u be eating to much tater chips

Okay, submitted my response.

I eagerly await my 500 plex, as discussed.

Thank you!

I didnt say anything about 500 pelx

Did you just scam him out of 500 PLEX? That is not very nice.


You are of the Devil!!!

That means you are pretty much ■■■■■■. At all fronts! My condolences! :slight_smile:

damn you evildoer. can I buy my data back for 1500 PLEX and you promise you will delete all of it? no fingers crossed!!?