Character screen

Why can not Eve make so can minimize/adjust character screen why have to be so big be nice if can adjust to a 4x4 box especially when want pull implants and such see no reason this can not be done annoying

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Since this game is about 90% UI, one would think that would be a priority feature. Actually instead of resizing, they could make a small icon for you to drag and drop items into from the window. Since you are talking about the character screen, we should be able to drag and drop related items (implants, clothing, etc.) from inventory directly on the character icon in the upper left.

Character select screen


Character sheet??

OP wants to plug implants, so he’s probably talking about the size of the character sheet, not character select screen.

The character sheet is much bigger (and heavier on the system) than functionally necessary, due to the large rendering of our character that is no longer optional since the last big update to the character sheet.

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