Character sheet portrait and full body image shows my character as green and orange?

When I open my character sheet at the very top where I see my character’s face - my character has a green face with orange hair and an orange shirt collar - the same is visible when I click “show info” on my character then click “view full body.” My character’s face looks normal on the NeoCon button, in chat, and everywhere else except as mentioned above.

This has never happened to me before on this computer which I have been using since late 2012 to play Eve.

This seems to have happened randomly without any changes to the client and the client settings. I have not altered my computer in any way other than regular Windows’s 10 upgrades which are certainly known to cause many many many issues, but due to the localized nature of this issue I have to believe it is a direct issue between my computer and the eve client? The only other odd thing to note is that during the last windows update my function key became stuck in “locked” mode and even when changing it’s setting in the bIOS it will not function as intended.

If anyone has any experience with this issue please share! I’ve been here since 2006 and this has me scratching my head!

Thanks, R.D.D.

Update - This issue has corrected itself during the last update and I have no new info regarding what caused this or how to fix it for future reference.

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