Character trading profitable?

Apparently skill injector trade isn’t profitable, but surely character training for sale is? At ideal attributes, you’d have 23,600k sp. It would cost .5b implants+2.5b transfer+.95*12=14.4b. I imagine I’d be able to get over 14.4b for a 23m sp char, especially if he’s focused like flying gila/ishtar, golem or a dread. Ofcorse that’s not factoring in omega, and capital investment required with a long return time. On other hand this takes no time to do, or a 0 effort endevor as it would take a day at max to set up and to then only have to wait for a year.

4600*5000000/24=.95b (multiple char training with 24pack)
2.5b transfer is going by 20$ costing a single omega.

So based on this live tracker

– Training character for sale –
I am not sure how you calculated things, but, perfect attributes for training gives you 2700SP/h

  • That is about 0.5B investment, but also keep in mind you need to train cyber first, so you might or might not want to use LSI.
  • If you are using 24 MTP pack, you would be able to take two toons to 23 million SP back to back on same investment, but let’s look at just one. It would take approx 355 days for it, for a price of 11.12 Billion
  • Skillbooks cost added on top of that, this is variable cost on your training plan

So at minimum you are looking at cca 12B investment, (technically 24B initial startup since you have to do it twice on same MTP package)

Now add the 20$ as 2.5B into that, what ever you end up selling toon over 14 billion for would be profit.

Theoretical limit for sale would be 46B, since that is how much somebody would have to pay to LSI themselves the same skill points (56 injectors).

– Training character for extraction –
Now another thing to look at is, you can pull out 5 LSI per month out of you toon after 2nd month of training. So that works out at 50 LSI per year. I am not sure on the costs there, but you are looking at minimum:

  • same numbers as before, so 11.5B for the MTP, skills, etc…
  • around 450million per extractor, so 22.5B investment

And you end up with 50 LSI, which at the moment sell for 860 million, so 34B investment for 41B sale -(43B to be exact, but 3.6 sale eats into profits)

– Conclusion –
With extraction you are netting cca 7 Billion ISK profit, with upfront cost taken care now and then hoping that you can sell over the investment cost, biggest problem is you need to wait for a year and see the prices of LSI then
With your own toon training, you would need to sell the toon for 21B to make the same profit, also one year wait time.

It’s a nice brake down. I was using some eve uni article on sp trading docs sheet to calculate, it also indicates 23m sp in a year. 21B sale on 23m sp char should be easy especially if its focused, as in a cap pilot or a missioner. Presumably an indy char would sell fairly well too, but I never looked at those char bazaar posts. I recently wind up selling a relatively focused cap pilot after all at 30m sp, for 38b I think. Well over 0.75-1b per 1m sp.

There’re like 30k players in the game which is decent, but like just 3 wts char bazaar posts a day, with 6 wtb posts.