Character transfer error

(Savoc Minithor) #1

Hi, I’ve bought a character through here, payed, received.
Except that the Spaceship Command Skills that were here aren’t there.
Dunno if it was an error on the transfer, or if the seller did it on purpose, but I would like to know who to get in contact with

Thanks for the attention and possibly, for the guidance
Fly safe

(Mintoko) #2

File a petition. It sounds like you’ve been scammed.

(Krysenth) #3

Send a petition. Whoever sold you the character scammed you, and while scamming is encouraged in EVE, scamming on character sales (which are paid with cash mostly) is considered fraud, and if they find out it’s true, you will likely get your money back or some other form of compensation. The seller will probably get banned.

(Savoc Minithor) #4

where do I send that petition? Yess I’m aware of the ilegality of scamming in character transfer, yet its seems like an error.
The math checks on the site, and is the same SP that he had when received. only that Mining Barge, Advanced Spaceship Command, and Amarr Tactical Destroyer are not even there. All else is

(Mintoko) #5

I’m guessing it would be here:
under ‘Billing & Account’ and ‘Character Transfer’

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(Savoc Minithor) #7

yes, sent ticket, seems someone already looked at it
thanks for the help!

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