Character Transfers ingame! CCP WHY!?

New function now you can see char that has been transferred to other account!
It’s seriously the dumbest thing I’ve seen in eve online in all my 10 year!

I never buy my char Haka Eto!! I transferred it from my one account to my another account because I had multiple char on the same account I use at the same time! run with 7 account in total

But now your new “smart” Employment History has made my char look like a buy char from you forum!

People ask me if I have buy my char on your forum several times! ridiculous


Why do you care?


@Haka_Eto Grow-up…


What a strange thing to get upset about


I am! and do you know why

In this game, there are many things like scam, Spy and more. IF i tell people is my alt and there has always been my alt, And one day it says the char is being transferred like a buy char,
Then people ask questions…


And as a scammer you are unable to use the truth.

I see your so-called problem.

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I wish i could remove the null sec corp i was in, but that stain on my employment is never going to come out.

Good riddance.

CCP should show when a character’s Omega status lapses on their employment history. There would be so many tears!

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Boo hoo. You transferred your character, the transfer shows up. If you don’t want to have a transfer shown then don’t transfer your character. It’s that simple.

PS: please do ragequit, can I have your stuff before you leave?

Can you transfer your characters to me when you leave?

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Yup, it is another dumb as dirt idea.

The goal was good, to show corps when chars were sold.

But the implementation is 100% fail.

It should have only showed transfers when the source and destination emails are different.

Maybe they need to open an office on the west coast, the quality of programming they are getting in Iceland seems to be lacking.


Why? Why shouldn’t all character transfers be recorded in a list of character transfers?

When you answer this question please remember that your email address can be changed so it would be trivially easy to change your email to the buyer’s address before making the transfer.

No, because the goal CCP gave, in the notes, is to identify char sales to corp leaders.

This provides inaccurate information.


At which point the buyer uses “Forgot Password” and the sale becomes a giveaway.

Or worse, CCP thinks the account was sold and bans both accounts.


That would never be a problem for me because everyone knows who I am

Now everyone knows you’re bought trash AND a tantrum-prone, infantile whiner. Way to go, dude.

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i have done the same … i dont care … why should i … if someone asks question just dont care

btw. when you leave . .can i have your stuff?


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Nobody cares,

I dont think it’s much of a big deal but I dont see any reason why it needs to be listed for everybody to see if the character is still owned by the same person.