"Self Transfers" of Chars

When a char is transferred to yourself, i.e. another account owned by the same email address, the transfer should not show up in the game under the Transfers.

It makes it look like the char changed players when in fact that did not occur, it is misleading at best.


That legacy code, though… :grimacing:


You mean it could break the chat server? That would be such a shame…

CCP should have a PLEX4GOOD for themselves to improve the code base

“If you guys give us our PLEX back, we’ll hire a new dev”

Wouldn’t the workaround for spais be to use an account linked to a dummy email first then after transferring link the account back?

What’s the business case? Why should this receive priority over anything else in the backlog? What’s the benefit? How does status quo negatively impact anyone’s game?

Business case? You mean compared to them making newbie T1 patterns require low and null minerals?

The business case it will prevent them doing other foolish things that they think of.

I’ve been away for a while but why did they add that to the show info screen? Can someone point me to the devblog or stream that talks about it?

I don’t have the link but they wanted people to know when a char was sold so they wouldn’t think it was the same person.

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