Chat channels - names of characters are off by a few letters

This screenshot is taken from the Singularity server and as you can see, the names of characters are off by three letters to the right.
It is usually possible to see at the very least the first 5-ish letters of a character name in the channel occupant’s list. Right now, you cannot.

Can you put it three letters to the left please?

Please make sure to report this via in-game bug report while logged in to the Singularity server; the in-game report tool attaches extra data the devs can use to track down the behavior, and for Singularity issues you can only report bugs in-game (you cannot submit support tickets for Sisi).

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Copy! Next time I log in, I’ll use the bug reporting tool.

Is it a bug though?

To me it just seems like another deliberate choice to add padding where we need no padding.

That doesn’t make it any better though, so it’s good if we give that feedback here: please get rid of any unnecessary padding, CCP!

Since we have no way of knowing if it was deliberate or not, beat to err on the side of also submitting the bug report. :slight_smile:


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