Chat Server Intemittently Hosed

Have 3 chars online member list is working for 2 out of 3. Even corp list is hosed.

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I see the corp list I have is not accurate, there is a member in station that is not on the list.

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same for me. I just went through a gate and have the same local as the previous system. I guess they will replace blackout with whiteout.

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Oh well you have to refer all maintenance and balance issues to Null sec, then they can tell CCP to repair it.


It hasn’t actually worked properly since it was added 2 years ago, why is anyone surprised


/le sigh

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I was just in-game a few minutes ago and a message appeared on chat - ‘Lost Connection To Server’ - which flashed a couple of times then changed to - ‘Reconnected With Server’.


Maybe it’s all part of the Chaos Era.

No local in low starts Monday :skull_and_crossbones:


It started today. No local in derelik.

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