Chat Window

So it would be nice if the chat window could be smaller, personally the taps are much too big and the taps then relatively quickly disapear into a drop down menu, which is also rather suboptimal, so in this point I found the old chat window much better, at the moment the new one takes about 1/4 of my screen and the old one only took 1/8.

How small is your screen? Even on a decade+ old screen resolution default chat placement is tiny.

You’re using less than 720?

6x 27 zoll HD 1920x1080

6 27" 1080 screens? I don’t see how you’re out of space then.

I would need to take a bus to reach my desktop application menu. That right there is a whole day trip.

I play 10-12 acc at the same time,
so it would be nice if the chat window would be so small again.

per screen it would then be 2 acc

That’s the pain you chose.

Perhaps this would help

I’m not against the new design, but it would be nice if it could be made smaller again

it worked before

I have already tried

but the samsung odysse g9 was better

Yeah but it’s not multi-input.

you’re right, but don’t change my setup now :smiley:

as I said before, it also worked freely, so it would be nice if you could flexibly adapt the gui there for the chat window, that would be enough

See Compact Mode

the question is whether snapping the window away into a drop-down menu is also reduced

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