Cheetah Align Time

Hi all … was just starting to play around with a fitting for a Cheetah … and for the life of me cannot seem to get the align-time to below 3 much less below 2 … I have tried T2 combinatgions of:

  • modules - inertia stabilizers, nanofiber internal structure
  • rigs - polycarbon engine housing, low friction nozzle joints

And nothing … heck I can get my Probe to below 3 at least … what am I missing here?

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You aren’t missing anything. You can’t get the align time on a cheetah that low.

Lowest you can get is about 3.58 seconds.

3 Inertial Stabs
2 Low Friction Nozzle Joints II
Max Skills
a 5% Evasive Maneuvering implant (EM-705)

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It’s the only weakness of T2 Covert Ops frigates. This and the fact that they are not nullified.
You are already very hard to catch when you can warp within under 4s. The only thing that should be able to lock you in that time are interceptors or firgates with sensor boosters.

But since you can cloak immediately after breaking gatecloak, hostiles will also need to decloak and lock you.

Of course that makes you a bit more vulnerable while hacking, just be aware of it and fly with caution. Or use an interceptor if you only feel like you can run away with an align time of under 2s…


If you want to further improve your aligntime, try the higgs rig.
It doesn’t have stacking penalty. Massively lowers your velocity, though.

Why is it important, when you can warp around cloaked?

Curious what situations you’re in, where you can’t mask your align time by being cloaked!

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Not any particular situation … just when I went toread about Cheetah fittings a couple of them were a bit vaugue and said 'add what you need to get align time below 2 secs … so thought that it was possible.

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What is the ship for? If scanning, a Helios is easy to get under 3 seconds and has plenty of mid slots for scanning mods. An Astero is easy to get under 2 seconds.


Trying to decide what to go to for the next level of Exploration ship … currently running a Probe. For now not interested in huinting people down or anythng like that … just sscanning and hacking … from what I have read there are plenty of opinions, but general consensus (atr least what I say) was that for the price concious … the Cheetah was a good option over the Astero. That said … now that I understand that Hacking is uncloaked, the sub2 align time for an Astero might just be worth the extra cost

You have plenty of options. Different ships excell in different fields. Astero doesn’t do all things better than others. But overall, when you consider different aspects, it is the king of exploration frigates in terms of general performance and survailability. For wormhole exploration I would definitely prefer Astero. For Null sec and Low sec, cov-ops are not bad. Wall of text could be written on this topic and you will likely find many information in older posts.

If you are keen on cov-ops though, then you may try Helios, which is better than Cheetah for exploration (you will get align under 3, have the same amount of mid slots as Buzzard, but have only 2 high slots, which doesn’t matter for hacking sites).

Once you end up in a bubble after jumping gate with people chasing you, then you want to be in Astero instead of in cov-ops frig. Standard explo Astero can get a little under 5000m/s on overheated MWD, add cov-ops cloak to it and extreme agility with very low mass. Result is insane survailability. Yet very decent scanning performance, which can be enhanced by mods.

Astero is life.


without implant, of the 4 covert ops, only helios can reach <3s with 2 domination inertial stabs, 1 T2 inertial, 1 higgs and one nozzle T2.

A bit expensive though.


Tiny bit. :smiley:

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