Chief Economist of Bank of England Mentions EVE

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Not the usual place that you would expect to be discussing the inner workings of EVE Online :grinning:

In an interview with The Bank of England’s Chief Economist about Spotify, the following popped up!

Quote from BBC Article:

'Mr Haldane said games such as EVE Online and World of Warcraft were particularly useful as they had primitive economies which allowed goods and money to change hands between players.

He said some economists had in fact begun to use gaming technologies to understand behaviour and could be used to explore behaviour in a virtual economy by studying player reactions to certain changes in policy.’

Perhaps the world economy might work better if it is based on EVE Online :smile:

BBC: Business - Spotify playlists in Bank of England’s sights


Send me all your cash and I will double it?


That’s the stock exchanges…

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I can understand eve being mentioned for its economy but WoW? Last time I played good was essentially worthless except for a few ludicrously expensive things and any item worth using was BoP. Did something change??

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It’s a perspective of analogous evolution, the rise of game theory as applied science and how that spills over into real life. UO was the first in that line, WoW is an example of mechanically limited interaction model, EVE’s today’s example of behavioural modelling for economic analysis.

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Just in case anyone doesn’t know, Eve had a professional economist on staff until around 2013 or so. I thought that was pretty highly impressive when I first joined up.

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If the world existed based on the economy of Eve Online then CODE. would be allowed to legally suicide gank people while the Police took their cars and put them into a house for a 15 minute time out.

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They have 5

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