Chinese Police arrest bot makers

Chinese police arrest 15 suspects and fines them £3.45 mill for making and selling in game cheats / hacks / bot programmes. This was on the back of 120 people arrested earlier in the year.

Looks at CCP and wonders if they have the balls and drive to try and sort out something similar with the Chinese authorities

Worth noting for those that are thinking of using them “In some cases, said Mr Rigney, the cheat programs also contained malicious code that scanned users’ PCs looking for login names, passwords and other confidential data.”

Also, worth noting “More people linked to the gang are still being investigated, he said, adding that PUBG had recently updated its game to help spot when cheating software was being used. The ultimate goal is to create an environment for players that’s completely safe from hackers and cheaters,” he wrote. <<<< nice when a developer actually cares about its player base and does something decisive to sort out the problem, as opposed to just talking the talk


Meanwhile the other 50 million or so odd bot makers…

I’d pay good money to be in the room when the Russian Foreign Ministry gets the extradition requests from CCP Guard.

I think they’re more likely to annex Iceland than follow suit.


Ha! :laughing:
Anyway, o7 to the Chinese authorities. Not sure what their motivations were, but “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


First you have to know what software is used and need to analyze it (meaning you need to have a caopy) to get a lead where it was made and how you may be able to detect it.

And here comes the fun part. This description exactly fits Anti-Cheat software as well. In order to detect cheats you need a software that does exactly this as well and if this software decides to send some data back home for analyzing you will have a hard time preventing it. The issue is that you need one software to detect the other but both do shady things with your system.

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Indeed, one example would be Blizzard’s Warden anti-cheat software, commonly regarded as spyware because of the amount of information it collects and forwards to Blizzard.

PUBG is published by Tencent, one of the major internet power in China, while EVE’s publisher, Tiancity is totally a loser in enforcing their bans on botting and RMTing. Tiancity had lost several lawsuits in the past and I don’t imagine that Tiancity or CCP would invest so much on their legal departments to uproot the botters.

And there are plenty room for bot making as CCP would work forever fixing those legacy codes, while more intrusive anti-cheat tools like what Blizzard uses would raise privacy concerns.

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Looks at the OP and wonders is he stupid enough to really want to give private corporations the power to arrest people for civil issues.

It’s called Theft of Services and is a criminal offense. Private corps can provide law enforcement with the evidence required to proceed with criminal charges.

Ahhhh, yes. But apparently it also has no value or so we are told. “We want them sent to jail your honor for breaking the rules and stealing our pretend money.” :yum:

But joking aside what service are they stealing? If thay pay for a sub I am not seeing the theft part. Not playing within the rules sure, but theft seems like a stretch. Maybe damaging the games reputation…

This is why they were arrested. I doubt China or any other government really gives a crap about botting in the way we generally mean botting.

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Erm, yes they do? Blizzard is sueing bot developers for at least 10 years in Western countries like USA and Germany and they won many lawsuits.

Not every developer is desperate for subs and views botting as trivial offense …

These would be civil lawsuits not criminal. So no, China doesn’t give a crap about bots per se.

Seems like messing with Tencent is like a criminal offence in China. Not so much with Tiancity that lost a case against botter. :rofl:

Hmmm, yo?! Means they were well milked. Nobody will jail a dude which scammed people on assets like pixel beakers and test tubes in video games.

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