Choosing a System to Anchor a Citadel


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I’m wanting to place an Astra (and maybe a Raitaru/Athanor) in Gallente 0.5 space/lowsec, but I know that certain corps/alliances like their citadels to be the only ones in a system, especially in lowsec (e.g. some null alliances control the space around trade hubs by wardeccing station owners of citadels in the surrounding systems to destroy their citadels).

How do I check that I could place a citadel that wouldn’t end up with it being destroyed within the week by others that live in the system? Do I just ask around or…?

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Join the local power.

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The big question is, what are you doing in an astrahus that you can’t do by finding a public one or negotiating with the owner of one to rent an office at an existing astrahus?

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What are you planning to use the structure for and will it be public or private? There are lots of empty systems as long as you are willing to locate a few jumps away from the major trade hubs. You might upset some people if you push up the system cost index with an engineering complex or open a competing market/reprocessing service/etc…

Use a tool like if you’re planning to manufacture or research - it will help you find a low cost index and that usually means no one else is doing industry in the system.

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Go to the system. Scan all the structures and look up the owner corps. Mail the CEOs.

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It’s not a super easy way, but the data’s all there,

Start by searching for your desired system. Say for example, Perimeter. Then append this to the end of the URL to filter it down to citadel losses:

For example, all citadels destroyed in Perimeter:

Or if you want to go crazy, all citadels destroyed in the entire Forge region:

(had to pre-format the text to stop the forum from helpfully converting the URL to a preview).

You then have a good view of how likely any particular group is to target a citadel in said area of space.

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