'Civilian' flag for corp member

You started replying to me buddy…

I didn’t realise you had so little to say on the matter other than the tired old thing about what you feel other people deserve.

Both sides are tired arguments. It’s an old discussion.

But what we now know is that giving people whatever they want for no cost has lead to a saturated economy. Too much safety lead to a stagnant game. Too much isolation lead to low engagement. No meaningful choices to make. Poor agency.

You do realise the OP is asking that players IN corp get all the benefits of the corp but are still immune to decs? Because he’s too lazy to operate the work around…

The answer to this thread isn’t to make the work around into a feature. It’s to narrow the work around.

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Oh I agree the OPs recommendation is super bad.

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You just like messing with me don’t you!

I’m not sure adding an optional PvP flag to a full-time, PvP game is a good idea.

But aren’t you doing this wrong? Why not just put everyone in the non-wardeccable corp and the structures in the other corp with only a single alt (or even, individual corps each with a sigle alt)? The only thing then you lose is the ability to declare war, and to defend your structures in highsec, but gain the ease of logistics that everyone is in the same corp.

And, I mean that is kinda fair no? If you opt-out of the war system to be “safe” in highsec, why should you be able to defend a structure in highsec or choose which of your members is a combatant and which cannot be attacked by your war enemy? If you are a non-combatant corp, you are a non-combatant corp. And if you really, really want, you can always have the main corp ally the alt corp for defence, or have specific players hop corp. Or just don’t deploy a structure in highsec.

If you are going to be playing flagging games, expect some inconvience. If everyone could hide perfectly behind cover and only snipe when they were sure they would win, this would be a terribly boring game. The mechanics are suppose to put you at risk so you are not “safe” in exchange for increased rewards, and they barely do that with all the loopholes years of half-hearted “fixes” to the war mechanic have brought.

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question to the OP: and what exactly would stop people from flagging whole corp as civilians rendering all pilots immune to wardecs?

and before you go on with but the structure can sill be destroyed, once you get big enough, structures themselves becomes disposable being.

and yes this is sort of replicable already with a holder corp, but this comes at a management cost (having alt with necesarry skills to be able to feasibly reanchor the blown up structure), and I know at couple of CEO’s that do not consider the management cost worth it. Your suggestion gives them ability to reach exact same safety but for freebies. And this would be sever blow to wardecing, which is crucial part of HS PvP.

And between wardeccing and suicide ganking I would say CCP should encourage wardecs over suicide ganks as much as possible.

You can have your civilian flag …

… for giving up CONCORD.
… or for being suspect for the duration.

This whole thread seems to be based on laziness, cowardice and selfishness.

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The fact that the OP isn’t being crucified for proposing what is essentially a consensual PvP toggle for the game is downright maddening.

Ten years ago, he would’ve been getting doxxed for this. Today, a bunch of EVE-geriatric ex-pirates are trying to placate him by pointing out that he can already achieve 95% of his desired effect by spending a few extra minutes managing his a holding corporation every day.

What the ■■■■ is wrong with you, people? Bears are gonna bear, but when did you stop resisting the tide of ■■■■■■■■?

The people you’re talking about are not around anymore.
They also weren’t around anymore, when the PLEX Vault got introduced.

You’re talking to the wrong crowd.

@Destiny_Corrupted nailed sarcasm good. Baited Solstice. Let’s see if you can bait his other alts.

I don’t think I was trying to be sarcastic or bait anyone. I’m genuinely surprised, and upset. :\

The OP got a thorough ‘no’.

But this isn’t the thread to discuss the access list problem. There are already threads up for that.

Surely you know there’s a right way and there’s a wrong way to go about this. The motivation is fine, but OP’s specific suggestion is ■■■■■■■■. It is categorically inferior to the status quo. If there exists an improvement, by all means we are receptive to hear it.

The “improvement” would be taking things in the exact opposite direction to the one that the OP desires, so I don’t think he’ll be receptive to it…

Hence why I made that thread just now.

I like the thread you just made. It has my support. :+1:

The status quo for “civilian status” isn’t terrible because it appropriately punishes those engaging in frequent toggles via inconvenience + public permanent record. It also doesn’t have any “oh he’s a war target but not eligible for combat” issues. There may very well be room for improvement, but OP’s suggestion is not the way.

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There are no “civilian” capsuleers anyway, except maybe those who have created their characters in the last 5 minutes. Everyone is using, or has used, weapons of some sort. That’s why OP’s logic is flawed at the roots.

The entire concept of CONCORD is nonsensical. Where are the cops when you’re being attacked by Serpentis frigates in an asteroid belt? Why can’t I declare my allegiance to a pirate faction, and be allowed to attack anyone I want without CONCORD intervention, at the expense of being able to be attacked by anyone at any time in return?