'Civilian' flag for corp member

Instead of having to maintain a separate corp for structures so that your haulers and miners are safe in high sec, how about allowing a corp to flag member as ‘civilian’.

You can toggle that flag every 24 hours.
People flagged as civilian follow the same mechanics as someone outside of the corp for agressive actions.

Same results has having two corps (1 for structures and 1 for carebear) but a lot less logistics for the CEOs

Exploits (even legal ones) and cowardice should not be facilitated. The inconvenience is punishment, as is corp hopping appearing as part of the public permanent record of those who frequently engage in wardec evasion.

It is worth noting, however, that your structure can always give private access/benefits to other specified entities, so if you want all the PVPers in the structure-owning corp and the non-PVPers in a different corp, they can be given 100% access + benefits (eg. no fees) at the structure without need for hopping.


There should be SOME kind of cost for being immune to dec but getting all the benefits of structures.

Just use an alt. If you’re in a way, you need to own up to the dangers. No free hall pass card for 24 hours.

It’s not like we are hoping all the time, character are pretty stable in their respective corp. Just having to manage 2 sets of hangers, an extra chat channel, 2 application queue to watch, forwarding corp mail between the two group… The gain is still worth it because who will want their hauler to be freely gankable in Jita.

As for having a cost… well the cost right now is just shitty logistic, not really something that will discourage anyone considering the gain, but just make CEOs burnout faster… And getting structure benefit while being immune to dec… we you can also be a corp using someone else structure and get those same benefit so it’s really a non issue.

I don’t want to jump character, I want this to not have to manage two corp for one group of people. Hell make the flag changeable 1 once a week, which would be more limiting than changing corp and I would still think it’s a good idea.

So you want CCP to introduce a mechanic that already does what an existing corp-change mechanic already does more transparently-to-others and in a less exploitative fashion? Corp changing is far less exploitative than immunity-within-a-non-immune-currently-wardecced-corp, which is very misleading and can lead to numerous issues. “I GOT YOU oh wait you’re currently war immune due to flag nvm”

You don’t need to manage multiple in-game channels, just discourage their use and indicate they won’t be relied on in favor of 3rd party comms (or even a shared custom player channel). Every since I posted this as my MOTDs to all the corps/alliances I run, in-game corp/alliance channel use has dropped to near zero (save for the indicated exceptions) and all convos moved to Discords (multiple corps = same Discords)


And people in hell want ice water. Get over it.

Those poor balloons… I don’t care for the kittens though.

Then you kill player owned businesses, like trading stations, refineries etc where players have set up structures to bring in service charge isk from the public.

Like it did before?

Oh wait…

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Just because NPC stations were the only option before doesn’t mean agency should be removed from the players now they’ve been given it.

While I will admit linking wardec to structures was a total ■■■■ up this is not the fix.

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I used to have “stop talking in-game use Discord instead” MOTDs before, but it wasn’t honored until I included that clause.

It’s kind of like how when you have a bunch of kids screaming and yelling and fighting in the backseat and then all of a sudden you come up with the brilliant realization that those aren’t your kids you can keep them quiet by having them “compete” to see who can be quiet the longest for a cash prize. If someone talks in-game outside of those exceptions, they’re screenshotted at cat/balloon shamed on Discord hardcore.


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Half the time i don’t know what you’re talking about.

Wardecs ARE agency. Dec immunity is agency being taken away.

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Only for one party, not both. So you’re actually wrong. Wardecs are still available, but now players have the agency to decide if they want to participate or not. That’s greater agency. More is more.

But also irrelevant to the comment on access to structures. Players now have the agency to provide an alternative to NPC stations, or to use an alternative to NPC stations. Again, greater agency.

Then you don’t know what agency is.

I think you’re struggling with it.

Human agency is the capacity for human beings to make choices and to impose those choices on the world.

The sense of agency (SA), or sense of control, is the subjective awareness of initiating, executing, and controlling one’s own volitional actions in the world.

So providing more choices over their gameplay to more players is more agency. I’m not sure what you imagine it means.

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Agency is about the interaction of environment. By isolating yourself from the environment you can only reduce agency.

And what kind of choice is giving someone everything at no cost? That’s not a choice at all.

They must give up something for their safety.