Classic CCP - Delusional Disconnected Disrespectful

[Advertising at its best](

11th of the 11th at 11am has a very important meaning. CCP seem to have brazenly missed this with another classic example of how they are totally disconnected to the world at large.


Y U mad bro?

Mad might be a stretch… maybe a little.

The armistice was signed more than 100 years ago.

Yes, that’s right :slight_smile: Most people would agree that it still has importance today and is a solemn occasion. Not the sort of thing a company should rip advertising from.

… so therefore it is unimportant?

My Great Uncle died in that war and both my Grandfathers were badly injured. So yeah, I find it disrespectful frankly.

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Independence day for me. I don’t care

Chill, there is no point in getting angry at such pointless things. Only thing with this is that you are paranoiac.

Every day, every date is important for someone.

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This isn’t a cute reference to some holiday, this is absolute filth. Pull your head in CCP.

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What about all the people who died to the Mongols?

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What about all the people who died to the Mongols?

Don’t be a troll. If you don’t care about this post them leave it. You sound like a ****

This post is 100% ridiculous already.


Yeah, it’s when Fasching starts … to some also known as the 5th season.

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Xeus, thanks for your opinion. A lot of people would feel otherwise.

For some. Not for others. Go salute your flag for 11 minutes and leave the rest of us alone.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


2 minutes, but it’s not about nationalism at all.

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