Classified Guristas Documents Discovered?

Anyone understands anything from that cryptic message? Taking all that earlier news about Guristas stealing various pieces of dangerous tech here and there into account what could this be now?

Another full-blown invasion from outerspace?


Guri Malakim have been up to something. Over the weekend/last week a few people have found data fragments from higher level Guristas Pirates. We can likely find some from Angels as well, who also were stealing stuff from Jove Observatories. That Dev blog was to share the data fragment that was found (showing a possible new Guristas ship, a Mamba class destroyer based on the Corax).

We simply need more data to find out what they are up to.


We speculate about it un the beaver show this week if you wanna take a look. I’ved made a timestamp about it at 15:22 Beaver Show : Eve Moncton? - YouTube


Surely this can’t be the only one floating around.

There are individuals that seem quite eager to pay upwards of 2.5 BIL ISK for a fragment.

Of course ARC will be interested in these as well, if they haven’t already acquired them.

Although, If they’ve already acquired more, I feel like we would have seen an announcement by now regarding these discoveries. Has there been anything from ARC?

Should anybody choose to sell them to private interests, make sure you backup the decoded holovid fragment first.

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I have watched it frame by frame as you suggested and there are some interesting things to see in the glitches that are actually pieces of a message.

Here are some text I can see:
Mamba class
interdic(tion? ) mod ( ule? )
( cita? )dels
stage field test
( Co? )rax-cla(ss?)

And two pieces looking like a part of star system names
07- ( 07-SLO in Wicked Creek ? )
1DD ( 1DDR-X in Paragon Soul ? )

Interdiction module?


Perhaps eluding to a Guristas modified Flycatcher.

07-SLO > Wicked Creek: That’s Angel space

1DDR-X > Paragon Soul: Sansha Space?

07-SLO make sense considering the Guri Malakim is a fairly obvious connection.

1DD in Sansha space however, is a bit interesting.

Maybe the Guristas are hoping for the same “Angel Tech” modified treatment Sarpati received.

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It’s based off of the Corax hull, that much I can tell from the schematic.


If the Mamba-class destroyer stays true to Guristas design philosophy, it would almost certainly be a missile destroyer modified with enhanced shield resistance and a drone bay with heavily upgraded drones. Basing it on the Corax missile destroyer would have made sense to them for that, and Caldari ships would have been more familiar to them than Minmatar ones, not the least to a Navy deserter like the Rabbit.

Of course, there’s still more fragments to discover, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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Current progress in public channels with 12 decrypted data fragments collaged together.

Guristas Data Fragments 12 / 25

Here are two captures of what has been collected/decrypted so far.

Corax Class > Confirmed
Shield Upgrade Package > Confirmed

Possible Confirmed > “??idance” Missile Gu-idance?"

If someone has a good scrubber to go through the glitched frames, we might be able to figure out more.


Here’s some more for your collage.


i have a new piece dont seen ot this pic


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