Classify victims & attackers in kill-mails

Hi. I was trying to analyze kill-mails. I notice that a kill-mail has several keys for each attacker/victim. Sometimes, some of the possible keys are missing.

I want to identify kill-mails involving ships controlled by capsuleers, structures controlled by capsuleers, non-player structures, or rats and concord. Just looking up the type_id is not enough because that would only tell the kind of ship/structure.

Is the following classification correct?

  • yes/no means the record has/don’t have the key.
  • 0 means the record has the key pointing to zero.
  • ? means the record may or may not have the key.
  • FW means enlisted in faction war.

Are there other combinations of keys?
What if a player fails to hack a can in an exploration site and the explosion kills the player?
How about a gas cloud that damages ships?


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