Kill Mails

I go to my Kill Mails and I want to find a kill, the obvious thing would be to put the type of ship in the search bar. Do they really want you to remember the name of the pilot of a kill that isn’t on the first page ?

You mean you don’t? Pfff pleb.

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No of course not, it’s like asking what my second wife was called, how should I know ?


But if I want to find an interesting kill mail, I’m fairly sure it will be the ship type not who was flying it because it is almost always the fit that you want to look at and why would you want to look at the fit if you don’t know what ship it was ? Just saying that if the search did that then it might be of some use, currently I have never managed to use it to find a kill mail that I want to look at.

Filter to most killed ships, you will find popular fittings

Are you trying to say you have ever used it ?

If only RL offered killma… er… cough. Yes, kidding.

First constructive suggestion:

You’ll find it a lot easier to find a killmail there than ingame. There’s a lot that can be done to mess with the URL to provide interesting info.

For example, everything you’ve killed in a Catalyst:

In-game is kind of crappy, much like most of the UI. Ship fitting for example, way easier in a third party utility. Sure they could fix it… but… it’s hard to justify when other people have already done the work, amirite? :wink:

Yes that would be useful as save me a lot of trouble trying to find out the knock on effects of my various suggestions :slight_smile:

Kill mails should include kill marks

I can’t remember the reason why I wanted to use the actual killmail and not the zkill maybe I was just fascinated by the lack of utility in the filter.

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