Cleaning up

Adding a new item to the game is fun and exciting, but most of the excitement and fun wears off relatively quick in most cases. So all the ships and items in particular that are added over the years becomes kind of a mess.


So i would like to be part of a group that cleans up items in the game with as little annoyance as possible for players who may own them. Which is possible.

What I would start with given this oppertunity is ores. For example most ore has 4 base variants. In the case of Veldspar that is

  • Veldspar
  • Concentrated Veldspar
  • Dense Veldspar
  • Stable Veldspar

The difference is one yields 5% more than the next. There are a couple issues with this because for people who buy ore, they need to maintain buy orders and liquidity for each one. They probably need to make a spreadsheet entry for each one too. And the more ores there are, the bigger this issue is.

There are also some funnier issues because when you compact Veldspar you get for example

  • Compressed Concenrated Veldspar.

Which i think is kind of funny. But also for people who buy this or use it, they probably need a spreadsheet entry for each type of the Compressed, concentrated ores as well.

This is not something most people care about because they dont do this kind of stuff. But some people do and even if they they are few they can have a big impact on the economy, and the harder time they have the harder time the economy in a way has you can say.

From a mining perspective, i imagine warping into a belt and finding anything other than the best variant of each ore is also a bad experience. So there should only be one variant of each ore. To make life better for miners and the people who purchase and use their products for example.

But how do you go from 4 variants of an ore in a live MMO to just 1 without causing a big disturbance. That is the question? And that is the job of this small team to figure out if given the opportunity. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

This team could also serve a dual purpose of green-lightning new items and ships and potentially save the company money by acting as a balance of power to people who just want to add new stuff to the game without much thought.


But what about the people who took time to develop the items that will get cleaned up? Wont they be sad?

Its possible. But they have made good money over the years which i believe was their main priority so they shouldn’t be too sad.

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