Clear Vision Update

UPDATE: We have just deployed a which will temporarily revert the new jump animation that was added in today’s Clear Vision update. We will do more work on the feature to address concerns about the jump cloak timer starting before the animation has completed. Please restart your launcher to receive the update and then any running clients.


Today with our Clear Vision update, New Eden just got more beautiful! Please use this thread to discuss the graphical changes introduced with in the patch.


Finaly we get the tunnel warp



:red_circle: The contrast on that close up zoom of the planet and on the moon looks very over the top. Like if someone used the Sharpen tool in PS too much.

Any chance this Lens flare effect will be configurable?
This is an artifact of nature and artistic effect. I feel like watching movie recorded with bad camera positioning.


Nice graphics indeed! /s

Black screen issues still persist:

If you just moved the contrast improvements to “medium” instead of “high” I might be seeing it as well. It’s not about horse power. My notebook has enough horse power. It’s about quality. “Medium” is far superior to “high”. You’re doing it wrong. Seriously!

Jump tunnel is bad.

Your client loads local/invul timers 8 seconds before you can control your client.

Also small chance of camera locking up when leaving the jump tunnel


Tested and the same happens for me, the invul timer kicks in before you can control your client.


New warp tunnel is truly nice…Thank you!!!


WoW!! :smiley: new tunnel warp looks dope!! GJ CCP!!


The warp tunnel itself looks fantastic. GJ ccp artists/devs.

On the other hand, it finally gives me an incentive to go into 1st-person view while gate jumping, to not have to see that cartoonish ship representation that looks like a misplaced 90s game element. Tastes differ, I guess.


The tunnel looks nice and such. but damn this animation takes way longer than the old one, imo that sucks.


I like the new animation - good job!



That is probably the “delay” Habatuk hinted at in the Test Server Feedback forum. Enjoy the same delay that you get when you want to dock at a station/structure. And welcome to Delayed Operational Status for your ship when you change system.

I don’t like the new tunnel warp. The tunnel itself and the acceleration of your ship into the distance seem to use different perspectives, kind of like the ship is actually travelling down a shorter tunnel than the one you can see. It’s a little jarring. My eyes don’t like it at all.


Nice to see graphical improvements but the sharpening looks way over the top as has been mentioned already, it could do with toning down.

Also the jump animation when the camera moves from the ship to look into the gate is much too slow and it make the whole process of jumping feel slower. Just snap the camera to be infront of the gate and go.

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Absolutely hate it.

I wish you would have spent the resources to decrease the (ever increasing) loading time and get us into the system faster. I am trying to get somewhere. I would prefer a “flash”.

And loading us into local 8 secs before we can do anything is STUPID. But the bots and campers will like it.

Oh, and I can’t wait to get on a gate fight and go through this animation multiple times. Or on a fleet, traveling 20 jumps, with the tunnels in traffic control AND the animation.

Either you were trying to avert our attention from the longer and longer jump times or you just need to tell your animators NO once in a while.

At least you didn’t add a red dot to the animation.

Did I mention I absolutely hate it?


I really like this visual update. Ships, stations and planets look much better and I love seeing the details of my ships where they looked washed out before.

The jump animation as well is a nice change, although it seems to take a little longer than the old jump animation. I suppose the grid is loaded during the last part of the jump animation, as I noticed my ship can already be in fleet warp before I exit the tunnel.

Yep, it seems the game hides the part where we load the grid with the new jump tunnel animation. It makes the game look better, gameplay smoother, but the downside is that we now don’t have 30 seconds to take in our surroundings and prepare for an escape in a gate camp, but less time instead.

Not that I mind, it’s not like that few extra seconds of invulnerability while the grid is loading would help me, and in any other situation this change is purely beneficial.