Lens flare

How can I disable this effect?

I’d like to have clear vision.


Needs more explosions.

It would be nice if stars weren’t more intense than the actual sun at 60AUs too.


JJ Abrams does Eve

Have we hit Peak Lens Flare yet?

Lens Flare Everywhere™


It’s quite clear that the state of optical sciences in New Eden hasn’t caught up with other technology, or indeed with 21st century Earth.

There are artistic reasons to use suboptimal optics but that should be left for the Gallente.

ETA: Referencing some camera ads from the 70’s “Pentax wasn’t here”

Sometimes it’s so bad I’m sure it will burn a hole in my screen.
Maybe not disable but at least let us turn it down a little

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play on potato mode
you will see 50 shades of gray everywhere
and thats hot


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