Client freezes every server tick

I have been experiencing client freezes and fps drops every server tick as shown in the video below.

Notice how the client briefly freezes every server tick when I activate guns, and when I deactivate it runs smooth. This same thing happens to me continuously on busier grids and when spamming input commands such as double clicking.

I’ve reinstalled win7 twice and recently converted to win10 to try and resolve this issue,

I’ve tried old drivers, new ones, all to no avail. I’ve tried running with dx9 and without. I’ve made new profiles and cleared cache. Everything under the sun at this point all without resolving the issue.

I’ve been told others are experiencing the same. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I have not had any small freezes every tick like you have, but I do regularly (sometimes a few times per session, some sessions none) have much longer freezes. And sometimes they even result in a crashing client. Has been happening since a couple of months I think.

No idea if it is related. Yours seems even more annoying, I hope something can be done about it.

Exactly. This started around February/March. Before I didn’t have any issue whatsoever.

I’ve tried everything on my end hoping it would be something I could resolve on my side but this really seems to be a client/ccp issue.

Do you get stutters when jumping through gates/cynos with a fleet and/or landing on grid with a fleet out of warp?

I can sit on the Jita / Perimeter gate and watch the stutters every time someone jumps through the stargate.

Yeah, it really sounds like you need to file a support ticket.

Please come back and tell us what they said though (i.e. how they told you to fix it, or if it’s a know issue that they’re working on).

No P2W

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