Client gets stuck on desktop?

Pretty much the title.

The launcher works fine apparently and loads and updates stuff when opened then gives greenlight to Play.

However, then i click and wait for the client to start it only shows up on the bottom bar and never advances to full screen or the like.

Normal behavior should be that the game waits a bit then jumps directly to full screen and starts doing the entering procedure.

my specs are:

Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz, 2603 Mhz
Graphics: Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1)
4gb Ram
Windows 10

its an HP Pavillion All in One 200 from 2010 or so but the machine was capable of playing the game with low graphics without sweatting so im not sure if its because of Win10 or because of the client but the specs were working fine until latest patch.

i tried deleting the whole CCP folder on AppData and reinstalled the game from zero but still gets stuck on desktop with the client showing on the bottom. i dont know what else to try honestly.

Have the same issue, cannot establish a connection according to the LogLite.
following this thread

Same here. Seems to have happened after the update a few days ago :frowning:

Commenting to confirm i still have the issues as of latest patch. thought it would fix itself after updating but nope.

thanks, good to know, i have been maybe 6 days without logging, i only get a black screen.

Solution: “The Game is starting but I’m only seeing a black screen”:

  • Start and log into the game as normal.
  • Once you are logged in and the black screen is visible, open your client settings menu by pressing the ‘Esc’ key on your keyboard.
  • Select the Reset Settings tab.
  • Click on Clear All Cache Files button.

The “esc” key part does not work, so i guess ill have to wait for a fix or bury eve if its a problem of my old video card.

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