Client updates

For quite a while now, client updates do not seem to work. I start the launcher, it says there’s an update, I say download it, it claims that it does, but the top of the window still has the old version number. If I quit and restart the launcher, I go through the same rigamarole. The only way to really download the new client is to go to the website and get it from there. When are you going to fix this, CCP?


I haven’t seen anyone else complaining of this, so it’s possible that it isn’t CCP’s problem to fix…

Have you submitted a ticket ?

I submitted one a long time ago. Never heard anything on it.


I’m not part of the launcher team, but I have seen this a few times when the launcher is not successfully installed for some reason. By far the most common cause is when the launcher is being run from the downloads (or similar) folder directly. It needs to be installed for the update feature to work. This usually involves dragging it to the ‘Applications’ folder on first run. This caught me out many times when I started using masOS.

Failing that, there may be a permissions issue, but why it would run when being downloaded from the website is a bit confusing.

When you download the Mac launcher, you get a disk image. Opening the disk image (from anywhere, but typically from the downloads folder - it shouldn’t matter though) opens a window showing the contents of the disk, which include the launcher application, a link to the Applications folder on your hard drive, and a graphic explaining that you’re to drag the launcher image over on top of the folder. Doing this copies the launcher to your application folder. If there’s already a version of the launcher in your applications folder, the system will ask if you wish to replace it. I always say yes. The system then deletes the old version and copies the new version of the launcher to the applications folder. Then you start the launcher from the applications folder. Doesn’t matter whether the disk image you downloaded is still mounted or not, but I generally unmount it and throw the downloaded disk image into the trash.

I suppose it’s possible that some previous installation or use of the launcher has left some corrupted file somewhere on my hard drive, but if so I haven’t been able to find it.

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