Launcher but no Client

Hey Guys,

the launcher starts, but not the client. i can not click on anything within the launcher app, plex advertisments, news, patchnotes etc… nothing reacts. When i open over the menu bar the client settings tab, i can not change anything either, can’t even select the latest version of wine.

I also deleted, reboot, reinstall, same issue still.

MAC OS Version: 10.14.5.
Mac Os Mojave, no catalina!

Eve Launcher version 1602194
Eve Client Version: 1634735

Any hints what could solve this?
I also gave Eve, Wine, and co full access rights…


Sano o/

Just tested all links on the launcher on my iMac. Unable to reproduce your issue. Everything works. I would try resetting the launcher.

  • Please open the Finder and press the Cmd key and , key to open Go To Folder.
  • Copy and paste the following into the Go To Folder text box and press enter.

~/Library/Application Support/CCP/EVE/Qt/WebEngine

  • Right click on the folder named ‘default’ and select move to trash.
  • Start the launcher and see if the issue persists.

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