Cloaking Devices

I believe that the use of this mod is detrimental to the free-flow of EVE…
People/players are merely logging into the game just to sit around cloaked and go about their daily life.
I would like to suggest either a fuel requirement for the deployment and use of the Cloak Device, maybe the invention of Medium Water… OR… Maybe nerf a drone-type to hunt for cloak devices - pretty much with the similar principal of Red Lancers do with Corpses…


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inb4 the merge


Using alts to make the same post twice…

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if only everything we believed were true…

How dare people play a video game they pay for the way they want to play it!

What’s wrong with them just sitting around cloaked? Maybe they like the scenery, maybe they like the atmosphere. Who are you to tell someone they can’t play the game they way they want?

Imagine being so insecure that you ask CCP to change something because (GASP!) someone is playing a video game the way they want.


Their scary :frowning:

Alts are just another way of cheating…

You are a Camper-Wanker, obviously :slight_smile:

Maybe, maybe not. But who are you say that the way someone plays is right or wrong? :slight_smile:

So let me get this straight: According to OP I can not warp to a safe spot to avoid being disturbed and cloak up for the same reason and spend the next days having fun with some exotic dancers and whatnot of my choice because this disturbs OP somehow? Maybe he just feels left out?! :stuck_out_tongue: :dealwithitparrot:

Closed for redundancy.

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