Clone jump failure apparently

i bought a clone jump the other day, transaction log shows the purchase.
jumped in a ship and headed to an abyssal.
got accidentally sling shotted through a speed cloud into the barrier.
boom ship went. boom pod went. now the ship was just a worm so only 100m isk loss. but turns out the clone was never transferred to a new clone and lost a +5 implanted clone. 477m isk loss.

been waiting on dev/gm support for a while now.

i don’t care about the ship loss, comes with doing abyssals, but any chance they replace the implants since it was due to a failure of their systems?

memory aug +5, neural boost +5, ocular filter +5, cybernetic sub +5, social adapt +4, Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Capacitor Systems Operation EO-603, Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Capacitor Management EM-802, zor custom nav link

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Only way to get this reimbursed is through support tickets. Nobody here can help you with this. Just wait patiently.

But it wasn’t? You purchased a clone, and you failed to jump into the fresh clone before undocking. You just left the fresh clone there. That’s your fault. Besides, unless it was a blatant server issue (like mass disconnections and inability to log back in), CCP doesn’t reimburse Abyss losses. Also, no one on the forums can help you with support tickets.

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To expand on Scoots’ reply: When you install a jump clone, you are purchasing a blank clone at the station. You are not jumping into said clone. After you purchase the clone, you then have to execute the clone jump to swap into the newly created clone (which has yet another fee for making the clone jump). As soon as you have multiple clones owned, you are able to jump from one clone to another, but simply buying additional clones doesn’t move you between them.

EVE Uni article on Jump Clones


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