Clone Moving Ship

I don’t know if this should go under PVP or general discussions since it’s really about avoiding PVP but if this is wrong, a mod can move this I guess.

I noticed a lot of my cropmates use the Hecate when they want to move someplace far away with their expensive clone. I asked each of those 7 since they’ve used DSTs to move around stuff safely in low and high sec, shouldn’t an Occator be safe for moving a clone around? All of them said the align time with the Hectate was really good. When I got the same answer from the last one, I asked if he independently came to that conclusion or found out from the others and he said he didn’t know what the others used to move expensive clones. He mentioned in addition to the T3D fit, he did have a trave interceptor fit, but since both fits had the same align, he preferred the one with more EHP even though if all went well EHP would be irrelevent.

So Hecate vs Interceptor vs DST for moving around… is Hecate the right option?

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