T3d align time and scan resolution

you need to nerf t3d insta warp align time.i mean hecate is fastest warp enter ship in game and only one which u cant lock if fitted properly…not in balance with ceptors … when you rebalanced t3ds you left their insta warp abilities and crippled their locking abilities.svipul has less scan resolution than thrasher !T3vsT1…anyway you should reduce their agility and give little boost to their scan resolution it will make them little more balanced

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Faction warefare pilots will hate you for this as hecate is the best lvl 4 mission runner able to get passed all gate camps and still be able to clear sites fast with plenty tank.


Are you aware that any suggestions that have “you need to” or “you should” are ignored by CCP.


Sounds like youre wanting to bring back insta-locking svipul camps. Id rather not see those again.

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