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AS the title says, I am a returning player only to find 80% of my assets locked and stuck in trig space,

I have multiple ships Frig-BS class some faction/pirate ships and a large amount of them fully fitted
I also have billions worth of modules including DED sight loot and faction mods
Also have a very large amount of Ore as well as BPO’s and T2 BPC’s and faction ship BPC’s

There is far to much to list, If you are interested please Pm in game and we can sort something out, and can arrange screen shots of assets for sale

here is an evepraisal not including the bpo’s bpc’s t1/t2/ or faction ship bpc’s can provide and list of those also if want


Evemail sent

Will take a look when I get back from work thank you

I might be interested in the bps can I have the list @Wild_Dreams also what you want for the snake

All items sold as bundle and now gone,

kind regards to Vanthus Nardieu for easy fast transaction

and thank you for all those who showed interest please contact him if wanting to buy separate items

An absolute pleasure to do business with, best of luck in your future adventures! <3

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