CLOSED WTB Low /medium char with 3 or more remaps

Hi, i am seeking a pilot with at least three remaps.

Only need decent name, show me what your eveboard.

Just posted a price check on these. =)
Incase you are intressted.

Digital Messiah, you have no remaps. I think you can get between 3 and 4b, reason you have a nice name but with some problems, amnd you have medium story but no bad. You are not useful for my needs =(

Tideing, i think you worth for time and frame rate 3.5, i pay you 4b NOW, but remember you must pay the transfer.

Jinx worth around 3b, name is bad, mainly.

Head ingame and we’ll talk about Tideing and Jinx.
Sent you a EVE-mail.


Edit : we talk a preliminary deal, tomorrow be confirmed or not.

Other people, iu am interested in what you can offer for me.

THanks but have two respecs / remaps only.

Might catch your Interest: WTS 5.0m Skillpoints (Missiles & Caldari) 4 BONUS REMAPS

I bought that char then @tideing , sorry but i dont need a char any more.

Ovi thanks for the business.

@Debbie_Walker Alright. Thanks for letting me know.
Fly safe. o7

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