Exit strategy?

can i take some of your at ships as collateral

This is collateral free. I only use neutral 3rd parties.


Im curious as to why cody?

The cynic in me says you want to get isk to buy more AT ships to try to resell at what most people (even serious buyers) consider unreasonable.

You do have a reputation that i can understand wanting to protect, however to my knowledge you have enough ISK tied up in things that would make the need for a fund irrelevant.

Hence why im curious as to why you would do this.

This isk is not intended for AT ships as they are a long term hold. Having a one month turn around when dealing with AT ships is not beneficial unless you are content with flipping for pennies. The uncollateralized loan market is fairly dead with interest rates at an all time low. I’m offering another opportunity.

Then apart from ISK in the wallet, whats in it for you?

Not having to cash out other investments before I want to.

To the top. 2.5%

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