can fly machariel rather well within the limitations of alpha clone state and upgrade as you go.

Has 1,044,462 sp unallocated!!

Timer remap available
2 bonus remaps
positive wallet
no kill rights
located in high sec
sec status is -0.2
i pay transfer fee with plex
all rules apply
was only ever in 1 corp tax shelter for a few months long time ago.

5 bill sale price


sorry no 5 bill is the set minimum also plex transfer costs 3.7 bill as it is.

up we go and even more unallocated SP no thanks to a 25 k SP daily

another daily SP mission done 50 k more sp added to the unalocated pool total of 789 k now!

more free Sp added to the pool up to 809,462 unallocated this mach pilot is ready to rock some incursions.

up we go

upward bound

up we go

/\ forward is the path /\


price is 5 and that is already low so no.

up we go

another daily done now sitting at 5 million SP with an additional 894,462 to allocate!

now at 5.9 mill sp 5 mill trained and 919,462 free to allocate!

up we go

more unallocated skill points added to the pool up to 964,462 now!

up we go

topward we shall go

up we go