Selling a freshly renovated C2<C3/HS; comes with one anchored/cored raitaru (no fit) .

Information about the hole:

One of the best hole configurations for both a fledgling wormhole corp or someone looking to make some decent solo isk. High sec static means you have guaranteed easy logistics; the C3 gives access to easier sleeper sites which can make you 200-300 mill/hr once you become efficient at running. Hole also has pretty good PI and can make several P4 products (details here: )

Total price for the hole + cored rait = 2 bill.

If you’re interested or have further questions; please respond here or mail in game.

Thanks for your interest o7

Thanks for the interest in game! Nothing finalized yet though; so it’s offically bump o’clock. BUMP

Hole is sold; thank you very much everyone!

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