Diyannis for sale

*pos wallet
*no kill rights
*FourJump Clones (w/some implants)
*char located in Hi-Sec

Auction, starts at 90b

Just added game time so Caldari Carrier 5 will start back training in a few and then Black Ops to 5.

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Just finished Caldari Carrier 5. Training Black ops 4, then Caldari BS 5.

140Bil ingame offer. Just dropped corp roles. Auction will end this time Friday night. Will update with a B/O in a bit.

141 bil

144 bil

145 bil

146 bil

147 bil

148 bil

Ready to sell. 152b buyout or will sell this time tomorrow. Whichever is first.

149.5 bil

150 bil

150.5 bil

Do I hear 150.6? lol

Auction done. TxivYawg1 won with 150.5b. Transfer the isk and I’ll transfer the toon.

Yo, Txiv! You awake?

Have not heard from the winner so back up for sale. Online now.


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