(Princess Primative) #1

closed now

(Inactive Seller) #2

password is 1234, i am not the seller

(Princess Primative) #3

ty i forgot to put that

(TypingTot) #4

Please sell to me for 4billion!!!

(Inactive Seller) #5

I doubt he can do so, the sole injector value is 5.76b

(TypingTot) #6

I think you are right, but I am a new player to eve and I want to get into a good corp. Most good corps require over 10Mill skill. This would be an amazing character to develop. Plus the name is pure excellence!

(Princess Primative) #7

true story if i extract i can make 5b-ish, i would like to see more

(Princess Primative) #8

Bump it up

(Final Liu) #9

5b online now

(Princess Primative) #10

CLOSED please DELETE thread…this char no longer for sale, will be extracted.

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