Cloudfare time out?

So I went to buy omega for a couple accounts, and it keeps giving me a time out saying the cloudfare server cant connect to the original website? I’m not even sure what that means. I’m linking what i see, but its through imgur.

It means bizness doesn’t do its own IT anymore.

@CCP_Swift thought you’d wanna see this.

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Hi @Remi_Lacroix - sorry that I missed this! Were you able to resolve this issue? And if not, do you mind if I DM you regarding your account and where you’re connecting from?

it seems to have been resolved. took a couple days, but such is life. Thanks

So it seems to be happening more. I bought some alpha skill injectors from the store, paid through paypal and got this. Paypal notified my phone the money went through, so is this something to do with y’alls connection to paypal?


Have been having this for a few days now.

It’s impossible to even log in anymore.

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