[Cloudflare Outage] Mass Disconnect on Tranquility - 2020-07-17

Oh I will absolutely blame my ISP and get them to credit me for exploded internet spaceships.


The issue started at 21:10 according to player graphs and started to recover at 21:35.


lol. Not going to happen sadly mate. You should’ve seen the my panic after the disconnect and I’ve got a fully loaded Orca c/w Tech 2 rigs and 20 drones etc. lol

Thank you

Does anyone know what ports i should open/dedicate on my router to help with a more stabilised connection?


Outbound from the EVE Launcher and Client then we are connecting to ports 443 on the Login Server, 26000 on the Game Server, and 5222 on the Chat Server. All TCP, we don’t use UDP.


I’m pretty sure he was asking about inbound ports or upnp port forwarding

CCP’s outbound is our inbound.

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Thank you, very much appreciated.

was funny to see all cloaky campers disappear for hours. it seems germany was not affected at all.

Nice try, but Cloudflare didn’t get DDoS’d. A piece of equipment failed.

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they basically DDoS’d themselves with that fail…

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