Coaster vets

Coaster vets. You know, the ones that when you look them up, are so very old. Vets. Tens of millions of skill points. Riding the wave. Sov, structures, ships, all of it.

Crapping on alphas and noobs. Chicken-hawks like nothing else. Is that you? Or are you sick of them?

On this forum, we have the same people, over and over again, whining against or for certain things. Are they real?

Real, as in representative of eve, as a playerbase?

What do you think? Should artificial constraints be made on longevity, or do you want to be ruled by pvp coasters, that can only gank when it’s a 100% sure victory?

Sure, I get it. There are lots of cases where you can just win. I don’t doubt their record. They are careful about their record.

Curious… What artificial constraints are we talking about? Like characters are reset after some time or?

No. That alphas have everything under Cruiser lifted. No skill cap, no limits. Capitals can only be in null. I tossed you a few levels. No real pvp vet is going to whine about alphas getting to max out everything up to cruiser level, if he wants a fair fight.

I hear that they do. I would. I would, like I said in other threads, want better insurance, too. So i could actually field something that would challenge you. If you make me do T1 due to cost, I can’t, obviously.

You thought it was a boon, CCP, to give us access to more expensive, slower, easier to lose ships, and thought we’d buy it.

Nah. A bs, unskilled, is a WORSE investment than a cruiser. Just limit us to cruisers, but let us actually fight?

If a player harasses newbs, either in-game or in these forums, they get disciplined by CCP.

At least that’s how it use to be, maybe there’s been a stealth change to the ToS/Forum Rules.

No, those people don’t represent the Eve Playerbase, especially since only a small percentage of the Playerbase actually do browse these forums. In fact CCP rarely listens to the various viewpoints posted in these forums. They listen to the CSM who in my opinion only represent their own interests.

Anyway, if this thread pertains to Alpha accounts not having access to lv 4 and lv 5 agents in-game, deal with it.

Having free access to the game doesn’t entitle those players to freely access everything in-game.

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Then make them so a VNI/Dominix/Marauder fit does not work without some effort?

My method of dealing with it is to play Splatoon2 on my switch. I also played Dust 514. Which CCP, guess what, guess what they did?

Dumped, without any sort of fricking concern about us, that spent money on their game. They just shut down their servers at a specified date.

Forgive me if I lack faith?

“Coasters”, eh? lol

I sometimes wonder if the people who post things like this OP ever stop to think that every vet was new once and went through often more ingame difficulties then they may face yet persevered and accepted the challenges and flaws as the satisfying-to-overcome climb.

I want it all and I want it now is an ok Queen song, but a bad way to see EvE.

That being said, you may well get what you think you want…

Many of the longer-term players of EvE are actually not leery of changes to the game simply because they just hate all change. On the contrary, any vet still playing EvE has rolled with a huge amount of change already. Vets have seen CCP have great visions, but then water them down and implement them…“problematically”.

BSG is a good show and to use a quote from it: “all of this has happened before…”

What I think of original post:

OP, just for you I think I’ll plex for a year or two today. <3 U


Yea, we consider that. Either it was easier for you, in the past, or it wasn’t, though.

This is more how I see myself.

Personally I think Alpha accounts should only get access to Tech 1 equipment up to Cruisers, that’s it. Same goes for Implants and boosters, no access to higher level items. More importantly, Alpha clones should have no access to skill extractors.

Alpha account is suppose to entice and encourage you to buy subscription, not play everything the game has to offer for free.



Fine. I know. Coaster vet.

Evidence strongly suggests otherwise.

Yes, got me there…it was much easier. :yum:

Oh, I’m sure you do - but you are far from the first self-perceived don quixote to grace these forums.

Fair enough.

I still don’t see any real pvp vets disputing a single word I’ve said.

Universal translator on the OP says:

"My salty whiney thread got closed because I couldn’t handle disagreement.

Now please disagree with this one so I can continue to not learn from my errors.

PS: My first thread was salty because I also couldn’t learn from my errors, and would rather just have the game not punish me for making them."

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I can’t tell you what to think @Kezrai_Charzai. I also can’t control people derailing threads.

Believe it or not, though, I can have a few different issues to talk about. It’s possible.

Not sure if I understand that term correctly but I’m not a Coaster Vet. I’ve paid a yearly sub with money ever since I first started playing this game over 10 years ago.

Also most forum community members here who know me know that I’m a PvE player. I don’t care about any of the in-game political drama pertaining to Alliance / PvP stuff nor do I involve myself with it. I may not like Suicide Ganking in high sec space but I accept that it’s allowed by game mechanics.

What I do know is that I pay a sub for access to everything in this game. CCP is a business and for them to succeed they need players to sub. As such players who don’t sub should not have access to everything in-game.


Certainly, although obviously both threads are based on “I got ganked, and I didn’t learn anything from it, and now I want the game changed so that when I get ganked the next (because I won’t learn anything), it doesn’t cost me so much. It is far easier to change the game for everyone else, than it is for me to learn how to play EVE.”

Your previous thread wandered around, not being honest about your actual point, and tried to make it that somehow the people ganking (and by implication, all serious EVE players) were just ‘ego farming’ by targeting less-developed players. Certainly that happens, but it isn’t and hasn’t been the primary driving force behind 15 years of EVE.

Your thread and your whining got shot down, and now you are off on 'Coaster vets - players who are just sitting on their years of skills and shooting down poor defenseless noobs who are only trying to make a living… they are careful not to attack real targets… only us noobs."

Seriously, this is schoolboy petulance. You thought you were ready to compete, and are mad because you got slapped down. The only ‘ego’ I see at work here is the guy who thought a few months and skills and a bling ship equipped him to dance with the big boys, and can’t handle it when the game said “Nope!”.

There are literally dozens if not hundreds of guides out there on what to do and what not to do in EVE, how to fit, how to scout, how to join a group. You apparently blew all that off, died, and now are doing the entirely standard, seen-it-a-thousand times, salt run on the forums.

Seriously. At least try to be original about it.

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No, they should not. That’s why I said cruiser and below. I’d much rather, surprise, it won’t be, to any real pvp players, I’d rather have l5 cruiser than l4 bs.

You want a game, or do you want targets? Don’t brag when you kill us, if that’s the case. But that’s what you do.

I don’t know what your on about, but I do have 91 million SP.

Which is meaningless now.


I thought I was the one that was profiled as being stupid and lazy? What do you mean you don’t know? What was not clear?

I have over 200 mill SP’s and I agree, doesn’t really seem to mean a lot nowadays.


I’m not going to bother explaining it to someone apparently on some lower tier communications level. But have fun there.

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