CODE. announces February contest (win up to 12 billion isk)

You are very tiresome. Could you go away please.


She helps to shine the light on the great achievements of the New Order. If the carebears wanted to AFK mine they would do so in an untanked Mackinaw.

But because of the New Order they can’t, so they have to use Skiffs with less yield and a tiny ore hold (which makes it impossible to AFK) and on top of that they can’t even use mining mods because as RP tryhard Priscilla here pointed out they are max tanked.

A Highsec full of max tanked Skiffs is a clear sign that the New Order as always is winning (always!).

It’s also a testament to the constant and never ending failing of ag. If they where any good highsec would be full of untanked Mackinaws, but it isn’t.


Oh. James315 weeps at your lack of understanding of CODE. CODE says ALL AFK mining of ANY duration by ANY ship must immediately result in ganking. Not paying a permit also is a gank. These tanked Skiffs mine AFK and they also buy no permits and they mine with impunity. You are tacitly admitting you just let tanked skiffs skate without following CODE.

James315 is rending his garments and gnashing his teeth at your blasphemy!!!

The harder you try the more apparent it becomes how devastating the victory of the New Order is to ag and the carebears. The Code always wins. Always!


It is sad to see that instead of enforcing CODE against tanked skiffs, you cite your lack of enforcement of CODE as somehow being a CODE victory. Sad, sad, sad tears of James315!!!

These alleged CODE people are acting like the carebears and anti-ganker crowd - loudly proclaiming victory while actually doing nothing! Are you sure you folks aren’t alts of carebears/anti-gankers?? Security!!!

I thought you said you are the “CODE Agent”? I’m just a forum dweller who doesn’t play anymore

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EVERYONE is a part of CODE. Praise James315. The CODE is ALL!

Shouldn’t you be out there ganking Skiffs then instead of crying on the forums?

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We all have our part to play for James315! Spreading the word of CODE is not crying, though James315 does cry for you, since you don’t seem to understand or really believe in the CODE.

He’s doing it again…

You know that’s just our alliance ticker, right? :face_with_monocle:


This is why James instituted the permit system. Priscilla claims to be a CODE. compliance officer. However, despite all her fine words, she refuses to purchase her annual mining permit. That is how we can identify a true goblok.

Of course, we can also ask James directly.


Apparently it doesn’t.

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Again, don’t you read the holy words of James315?? - EVERYONE is CODE. CODE is everywhere and applies to EVERYONE simply by virtue of existing in high sec space. That is cannon!! Please, I must now avert my eyes lest they bleed from your heresy!!!

And dear sir, you have yet to purchase your weekly miner mining permit - your arrears are building up precipitously! And since my fees would simply be subtracted from that, it seems that YOU are the one who has failed to pay, both for my permit and for yours!

Dear mods,

This thread is about a contest that ended almost 4 months ago. Can we close it please?




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You’re wrong. Now be gone, you’re becoming a nuisance.


Priscilla, what did you lose? Just link the killmail.


non sequitur

[ non sek-wi-ter, -too r; Latin nohn se-kwi-too r ]


Logic. 1. an inference or a conclusion that does not follow from the premises.
2. a statement containing an illogical conclusion.

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I’m just curious, bro!

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Would be interested as well. Somehow she reminds me of this Butthurt miner guy who was crying for years

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One of these gobloks was in the discord recently, could be the same one, hard to say. Maybe this is the new anti-ganking strategy, instead of trying to stop ganks they will just preach the CODE. in the hopes of being somehow relevant.