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AG fails again!


That doesn’t even scan…



The classic highsec perma-victim mindset: while other newbies are out doing cool stuff here you are whining on the forums about how it’s impossible to even try.

When I joined EVE, my attitude wasn’t “What do I want to do under optimal situations, with min/maxed efficiency?” Instead, I asked, “What can I do right now?” So I went and confiscated some illegal mining drones, and then I decided I should just kill every miner in the galaxy.


Sounds like you added content to the game, both for yourself and those on the receiving end?? LOL

And for those who complain about CODE and how they choose to operate. If you like the neighborhood, then take control otherwise someone else will control it how they see fit.

Now, get out there and have some fun.


I need to be very Careful now. Gankers sometimes are camping at gates where I do exploration rounds. Those Battleship and Cruiser are their latest victim in my system - CAS systems.

Well sorry to say that your high DPS well not quench the greed of every miner in the galaxy. Their Greed outweigh any humiliation Ganking can give them. You play for power, they play for greed. Which force is stronger in the end.

That’s silly. Greed is for plebs.

This is what it’s like playing EVE with Princess Aiko.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well the Uedama line is fixed, thxs for pointing that out .

So to the guy who I am but a she, any ideas on stopping mission ganking , I know it’s down to the runner here but I want a way to intercept and stop a gank , like we do with freighter ganks.

So far I have scan mission ship at station to find bing ship , follow to sys then scan his mission site ,keep an eye on gank fleet to estimate there attack sys then hope we have it right , missions with gates could be the point of interception.

Please do comment and point out any thing I have missed

You’ve missed the fact that you’re sitting there next to a player dumb enough to fit expensive loot on a mission ship and you’re not killing them and taking the loot for yourself. Why would you want to save such hopeless people from their own stupidity?

Go defend the newbie miners and at least try to do something useful, mission gank targets don’t deserve the effort.

Now, there’s the real question. In fact, it’s not merely stupidity. Some of these people are just plain lazy, they literally want to earn FREE easy isk while they aren’t even in the same room as their computer. Yes, some of them are botting. I have not a clue why anybody wants to waste time defending these people. They all deserve to die.

You know what new players do? They join one of a dozen nullsec or wormhole or lowsec groups, and they LEAVE highsec. When I gank people in Highsec, I’m helping new players, because those new players are out there in the galaxy losing ships and struggling to earn money, while carebear multiboxers are bot mining in Ventures.

I’m not a villain. I’m a saint.

Well, good point. You also made others quit this game and save them from wasting a lot of time playing this time consuming video game. :slight_smile:

Who did I ever make quit this game?

Just some random youtube commenters salty against you. by the way you have a youtube channel that has great content but has more dislikes and salty comments.

I have no idea what you are talking about. His the content creator of your alliance. His doing a great job but many of those watching are too dumb to at least learn from it.

Depends if you count died as 2 syllables or not I guess.

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Oh Zaenis channel he’s not like all gankers , remember you have lots off gankers under one flag don’t label them all with the same brush, like any group . You will soon see which ones are the ass hats