Code. is without a true leader

Anyone can do it, it’s super easy as drama is not hard to conjure.

James 315 is the leader of CODE. and the only True Saviour of highsec. are you offering yourself in contest to his God like reign.


The news I read if not mistaken is some ordinary demon had taken control.

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Clearly an ordinary demon could not control CODE. , they would need to be an extraordinary demon and then they would need the Agents to back them . Obviously James has not let this happen

and so Praise James 315 \o/


James 315 will forever be the leader of CODE., even if he died tomorrow he’d still be leading us from the grave.


And I thought that Aaaarrgg was the current operational leader.

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I vote for Dryson…

Let him take over.

I think Secretly he always wanted to be a part of the fun.


Does the leader of CODE. need to login? Can two people lead? Are people thinking the princess needs a regent? I can think of somebody. an old eve celebrity who recently made a speech at the funeral.

Was it Joe P?


Please tell me Joe Phoenix is double-secretly James.

That would make 2020 worth it.

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2020 sucks for me. hope better for you. just read about it on the blog.

CODE is dead. Usurper or not. It’s why I left.

i thought you were kicked out


Drysonbennington would make a fine leader and a great example of a reformed rebel. He even owns some shares of the new order!

i second this , if i remember he had some really interesting tactics that we could use.

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I propose @DrysonBennington to be the new leader of CODE.


Holy ■■■■, I just read the title and the first post.
You ■■■■■■■ beat me to it by half an hour.

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I would awox your entire fleet at my first chance.

Also, I do not nor have I ever had any stock in the CODE alliance, that is an outright lie Solstice Projekt.

Go, make Provi Block a wasteland unto my new rule, all of it.

Drama sounds fun

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@Iceacid_Frostpacker Not terribly long ago you were pro-CODE. and looking forward to positive developments concerning them. What happened?