Collecting all the loot in the abyss

i just wanted to share but also get some other ideas for improvement

i run an ab gila for t4 electricals with 3x rlml and 1xhml. my hml has a 47km range so i use that to pop the loot far ahead and then use an mtu to collect the wrecks. i try to time it so the ttk coincides with all the wrecks being collected.

honestly, i’m not a huge fan of using the hml to pop the loot but i’m not sure of any alternative. my 5th high has a nos just in case so i can’t really fit a drone link (i know, it might not be necessary for electricals).

maybe if i feel comfortable i can switch the nos for a drone link. and use a warrior to pop the wreck? but it’s not as fast as the 1 shot from a cn scourge heavy missile. but this also takes a lot of dps away.

how do yall do it?

You get more isk/h by simply doing another filament. If collecting extra loot extends run time in any way. It’s waste of efficiency

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im mean just use mtu … kill all the loot at range burn to the gate and anchor mtu. it shud loot all before you clean the room easi…

Im seriousli dont see a problem.

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