Looting Abyssal Cans

My first post, greetings!

I recently dove into Abyssal sites tier 1-3 and I’m having trouble looting all the cans in a timely manner. Most pockets contain 3-4 loot cans and I spend 1-2 minutes in combat, while I spend an extra 4-5 minutes trying to loot everything.

So far, my best strategy is to burn to the gate and drop an MTU about 10km from the gate while popping the loot cans and NPCs at the same time. I always end with 1-3 minutes remaining which is cutting it too close. I’ve tried several strategies with and without MWD/Tractor Beam II but always fall back to the MTU because it can loot while I’m still fighting.

It’s also not fun to spend 12 minutes looting and 6 minutes or less actually fighting.

How does everyone else loot these sites efficiently?

Is it worth it to only loot the cache and ignore the others? I’ve found better loot in the other containers quite a bit and would hate to leave it behind.

I just don’t loot all of them, unless there are a couple of them close together i just burn through and loot the main stuff, its generally worth a lot more than the small offerings of survey data and handfuls of ZPC and iso-10

Just loot what’s close. Or if you are in the last pocket with lots of time then go for it all if you like.

Try microwarpdrive in tiers 1-2. For a tier 3 I would rather watch how the fight is going, looting only the closest cans, rats there have more webs and are sucking more capacitor so you have to be careful with timing. One time too greedy and you are out.


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