Color coded Inventory Menu Backgrounds

It would be helpful if the Inventory (Alt-C) menu had an option to allow users to change the background colors for the different categories -or- CCP change the universal dark default for all inventory menus to dark variations based on type.
Hangar Ships / Items : current dark Brown/Black background color

Active Ship Cargo Hold = light grey color
Active Ship Drone / Specialized Hold = med grey

Inactive Ship Cargo Hold = dark grey
Inactive Ship Drone / Specialized Hold = very dark grey

Looting Ship / Container (yours) = dark green
Looting Ship / Container (not yours) = dark yellow

I dislike changing ships in Hangar then dragging items into wrong docked ship < or > not even noticing Inventory Menu was open on wrong ship and forgot to remove active ship items undocking with 500Million ISK of items waiting for Gank. → [ ’ light grey is the way ’ ]

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