Colored Jump Tunnels

I was checking out the new Stargate jump animation on singularity when I had an idea about the jump tunnels in the animation. What if the tunnel is colored like the energy orb inside the Stargate? Where Minmatar gates would have an orangish tunnel, Amarr would have a gold/yellow tunnel, etc.

Border gates could have a change in color, to reflect that you’re going into a different area, where a Gallente-Minmatar gate would switch from the teal Gallente color to orange.

Perhaps this could play into the upwell gates as well, where a skinned gate could have a different field and tunnel color.

Have you tried jumping around in the various faction owned space on Sisi?

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This is exactly how the new jump tunnels are^^

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Is it? Last time I played they all seemed to be the same whiteish color, though it has been a few days, they might’ve changed it

No, not much. Is there something like this over there?

My jump tunnels are all as grey as they’ve always been … ?

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